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ARE YOUR levels ok?


ARE YOUR levels ok?


We know Production Insurance,

we’ll get your levels right.

H2 Insurance Solutions is the trusted name in the production industry, providing professional insurance with service and integrity.


Prepare for the unexpected

Do you have the protection you need to restore your business and livelihood in the wake of an unexpected event?  As much as we like to think that we are prepared, invariably, there are always events that catch us short.

Don't Leave It Until It's Too Late

Putting insurance to the side without seeking the right levels of cover can see a thriving business wiped out in an instant. Any savings in the past from not keeping your insurance up to date will be long forgotten.

Review Your Insurance

You take the time to get your levels right with your mix, why should insurance be any different? One that should be coupled with a solid protective suite of insurance to ensure that you are protecting your livelihood.

Understanding your Business

Who wants to talk about liability limits or duty of care, particularly to someone who doesn't understand your business or industry. H2 Insurance Solutions sets itself apart from the pack. You not only talk to industry professionals who understand, you also only have to say it once.  




What H2 Clients Say

"H2 Insurance have always put our best interests first and continually deliver a service that goes above any expectation and is more then just providing insurance. We have found that the attention to detail and level of customer service has always been fantastic and gives us the confidence and peace of mind knowing that our business will be looked after in the event of any unfortunate circumstances. I often recommend H2 Insurance to individuals and businesses in the entertainment and production industry as I know they provide the best results and a great experience whilst truly understanding exactly how the industry operates and what we do as a production company."

Paul Walton

 "I have been using H2 Insurance and their staff for about 15 years or more and have always felt that my specific and individual needs and circumstances have been taken into consideration and reflected in the service that I was and still am provided. On the few occasions that I have made claims, H2 Insurance Solutions has led me through the claim process and managed the details to get the absolute best outcome for me. I cannot speak highly enough of them and will continue to both use and recommend their services as the best insurer in the entertainment industry."

Scott Mullane

"We have been dealing with the H2 Insurance solutions for over 10 years to provide all our insurance in what many would describe as a ‘risky business’ and they have certainly taken the risk out of us finding the best insurance solution. Providing the most honest and up front insurance advice in the industry, have been able to be covered with the best policies and negotiate the best possible premiums for us on an annual basis. The team are professional and a pleasure to deal with our ever changing requests and requirements no matter where we are working in Australia or around the globe."

Andrew & Christian Howard

"We chose H2 Insurance Solutions as they are Industry Experts with amazing Customer Service.
We had an urgent policy amendment for a large International Contract, and Jason made this happen in the middle of the night for us. I recommend H2 Insurance Solutions for people who want more than just a policy. They are a team who will work with your business for your Insurance needs."

Max Brunner


Get the right amount of cover for your business today.

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Policies Specifically Designed For Production Companies

H2 Insurance Solutions has a range of products to make sure your business keeps a sound footing.

Public & Products Liability +

The most talked about insurance and a must for all businesses as every business has a responsibility to third parties (customers, suppliers, public and the community), and third party property. Being held accountable for grievances can negatively impact your reputation and finances even if you are not found responsible it can be the defence costs to protect your business. This cover aims to protect you for amounts which you are liable to pay for personal injury and property damage to third parties in connection with your business during the defined period of insurance.

Business Interruption +

Major, unforeseen events can be difficult to recover from. Your business may be unable to trade and income stops coming in. And the reality is that even when disaster strikes, overheads and costs (such as wages and rent) still need to be paid. Business Interruption insurance provides protection for the consequential loss of revenue resulting from interruption of your business, caused by damage incurred by unforeseen events covered by the Property policy. It is important to get your sum insured right and we will work with you to establish the correct sum insured using your Profit & Loss report.

Management Liability +

Personal liability can be levelled at company owners or anyone who is involved in the management of a company. Management Liability provides protection for any Directors & Officers in areas such as Company Liability; Employment Practices Liability; Statutory Liability (Fines & Penalties); Crime Coverage; Tax probe. With litigation becoming more prevalent and with so many responsibilities, this cover ensures protection for claims against the Directors.

Property (Storage/Warehouse) +

You are most likely to have equipment in storage and therefore insurance for your contents (and building if owned) is a standard practice for businesses. The property cover at the premises provides cover for Fire & Perils including Fire, Storm Damage, Malicious Damage just to name a few. You also select a sum insured for Burglary under this policy and can select other products such as Glass, Money, Machinery Breakdown, Electronic Breakdown amongst others and we would discuss this with you to ensure you have the right protection for your business.

Entertainment Equipment/Transit Insurance +

Due to the nature of the technical production industry, more protection is required for equipment to ensure it is appropriately protected when away from the main storage premises/warehouse. This policy has been specifically tailored to the needs of the Entertainment & Events industry to ensure you can continue on with the work and earn your income along with replace/repair the equipment following a claim. This is an area where most businesses are deficient and our team at H2 would be happy to talk through this cover with you to ensure it meets your needs.

Public Liability +

Small business owners have a responsibility to third parties (customers, employees, suppliers and the community), and third party property. Being held accountable for grievances can negatively impact your reputation and finances. This cover aims to protect you for amounts which you are liable to pay for personal injury and property damage to third parties in connection with your business during the defined period of insurance.

Motor +

Accidents happen, not insuring for their likelihood is a grave business error. The nature of this industry relies on the ability to be mobile at all times. When the wheels stop moving, so does your business. H2 Insurance Solutions will keep the wheels turning. Common easily overlooked extensions include Windscreen Cover, Hire Vehicle and No Claims Bonus Protection just to name a few. It's important you understand these options and make an educated decision.

Cyber Crime +

The fastest growing exposure for any business is that of Cyber Crime, it is not a matter of if it will happen but when it will happen. Every business that has a website or transacts electronically whether by email or data has an exposure whether it be being held for ransom or destruction your data and even worse details of your clients personal information. It could be as simple as losing your phone or leaving your Laptop somewhere and then being exposed to confiscation of your data.

We are your entertainment insurance specialists trusted to protect, with over 3500 policies in place in australia and overseas.

About H2is


About H2is

Why choose H2 Insurance Solutions


With over 50 years of experience*

Between the team, H2is have owned production companies, performed/toured, managed venues and contributed to a range of events and festivals.  Our customised insurance solutions are a direct response to the needs of the industry.

Our Insurance Mix Works

We understand the late nights and long days, along with the range of challenges you face.  With  20 plus years’ experience in specialised entertainment insurance,  you have a powerful business combination at your disposal.


No one knows your businesses like you, it’s the same with us.  We have access to the most comprehensive policies for the production industry and we have the experience and professionalism to deliver security.


An indispensable asset

Our experienced team of professional brokers are standing by to ensure that you receive the full benefit of your insurance policies.